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The history of Fabiano family in the wine industry dates back to 1912, when Francesco Fabiano opened a wine store in Venice, just a few steps from San Marco square. His son, having made the store very popular in the whole city, started a wine trade throughout Veneto region. Clever merchant and carismatic man, in 1955 he engaged himself in the production and distribution of bottled wine, buying a small estate on the Veronese shore of Garda lake. The business flourished at a very rapid pace and in 1968 the plant was moved to its current location, to an area uniquely suited for the wine growing, halfway between the city of Verona and Garda lake. Since the 70's Fabiano is committed to export exquisite wines to the most important markets in the world. Between the 90s and the early 2000s Fabiano has developed its own wine production, reachin over 50 hectares of controlled vineyards and building a cellar in San Pietro in Cariano - dedicated to the fermentation, drying and aging of Valpolicella wines. Fabiano production, including all DOCGs and DOCs of Verona province, is directly overseen from the vineyard to the bottle, in order to ensure authenticity, consistency and high quality.