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Renzo Bassani had the idea to produce high-quality wines in the 50s when he bought Isola Augusta property which had been founded in 1861. His project was to control every phase of the production, from the grapes wine growing to the bottling, in order to show he was not growing grapes and make wine just to sell it. Renzo's son, Massimo, the present owner and farm’s production responsible, explains it: “the idea was my father’s, who always refused to pasteurize wines. The wine had to be “alive”, that’s to say, it had to maintain its organoleptic qualities until it reached the consumer who was supposed to experience the taste that earth and nature gave our wines”. The climate, mitigated by sea’s proximity' and the clayly soil, made it possible to achieve Renzo's goal: to obtain a selection of high-quality wines. Massimo Bassani declares: “We were the first in our region to bottle in the ’60s. And the growth has been gradual: nowadays we produce 250 thousands bottles a year. Our wines’ best quality is that they reflect the environment in which they are grown. Everyone who drink this area’s wines will get charmed."