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About ABS

The Strenght of the Partnership:

The company is a partnership of 3 international wineries and producers, all of whom have recognized the importance of Asian market and allied with local marketing specialists in Hong Kong to create ABS ASIA, based in Hong Kong with business extensions to Mainland China, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

The strategic alliance comprises:

        abs-grape-dot.png  ABS UK, a leading UK wine importer and producer with over 25 years in the wine industry;

        abs-grape-dot.png  CRANSWICK WINES, a reputed and leading Australian wine producer;

        abs-grape-dot.png  TRINITY HILL, multi-award winning winery from New Zealand;

        abs-grape-dot.png  Local market experts (former Vins de France marketing and management team in Hong Kong).




Our Philosophy:

ABS UK has been importing and sourcing distinct regional wines exclusively for the independent trade for over 25 years. In 2010 ABS UK set up ABS Asia, based in Hong Kong.

ABS Asia specializes in working with small family owned and boutique wineries, not just in Australia and New Zealand, but also in France, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Italy and Hungary.

Spain, Germany and the USA will be added to the portfolio shortly.


ABS Asia’s goal is to propose a wide and complete wine collection to the hospitality sector, as well as to organize the best of the best wine tastings and wine&dine experiences for our customers, to travel the world on the rim of a wine glass.


The ABS Asia Wine Consultant Team